Party in the U.S.A

NO, I am not in the U.S, But all my feels for this fashion post! Had an impromptu photoshoot with one of my best friends, Sheila. She's studying photography, so I became her practice model haha! But, I know a thing or two about photography as well, So I also took shots of her as well. Hope you enjoy this post! :)

HAT: SM Women's Accessories
SHORTS: Kirin Kirin
BOOTS: Forever 21

Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready for the bikini season? ;)



J.CO Donuts.

I am a sucker for sweet things, trust me. My mom is a Pastry Chef, so you can pretty much say that I grew up around the kitchen munching on every dessert she has made. And when J.Co Donuts finally opened in Manila, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on those treats. To my surprise, you have to fall in line -- And mind you,not just fall in line, you literally have to wait an hour or so just to get in the shop. TALK ABOUT THAT LONG LINE. (no sarcasm intended)

And last week, I finally braved the crowd as I stood there, waiting for my turn to get in the shop. Since I rarely go out (nowadays) I decided to buy 4 dozens of that donut goodness. YES. 4 Dozens of pure goodness. Hey! Its a guilty pleasure :(

Don't you just love J.Co Donuts? <3



Hand Candy!

I have a collection of nail polish (well actually, I just started collecting recently) and I have this huge obsession about The Faceshop's Lovely Me collection of nail polish. They have such cute and girly colors that I just cant resist! I now own a total of 7 bottles and just bought my newest babies earlier at The Faceshop in Resorts World Manila ;)

Dont the casing look cute? Zebra prints are one of my fave things <3

And, If you buy 3 pcs of these 'lovely me' nail polish or a set you get one nail polish free!! Picked out the light violet color for the free nail polish :)

So far, I already have 7 bottle's of Lovely Me Nail polish from The Faceshop. Dont the colors look lovely? <3

and this is my nail polish collection (so far, haha!)

I also bought this nail dot pen from The Faceshop way back January 2013. And this has got to be a staple for all the nail art I do. This is in silver, but there are other colors like White and Black too.

And the Shade that I am wearing is from the set I bought earlier. Its PK105 if I'm not mistaken. Or fuchsia pink in simpler terms haha!

I am actually dying to buy the Book 'Nail It' its about different kinds of Nail Art designs, and recently I have been crazy about doing nail art so yea. That explains all the rage about my nail polish collection. =))

What's your favorite Nail polish color? ;)